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Preservation Management

1. First Steps

Even the smallest library, archives, or historical society can develop an ongoing and adequate preservation program.

2. Preservation Needs Assessment

A preservation needs assessment identifies problems that should result in recommendations for strategies and actions that address the problems. This document discusses five components of a needs assessment pre-survey preparation, the on-site visit (if an outside consultant is used), the report, implementation of the recommendations, and follow-up.

3. Calipr : an Automated Tool for Preservation Needs Assessment

Understanding collection needs is the starting place for developing a preservation program tailored to the needs of the institution and responsive to opportunities and limitations of resources. Calipr has been designed for institutions without preservation expertise on their staffs who wish to do a self-study. Calipr designs the needs assessment survey, explains how to draw a sample of materials from a collection, and interprets the results as a management report on collection needs in general terms.

4. California Preservation Survey of Moving Image and Recorded Sound Collections

Thirty-two libraries and archives in California surveyed their collections and aggregated their data to document preservation needs statewide and to provide a basis for ongoing funding to preserve audiovisual collections of historical significance to California.



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